Dev Diary - 11th April 2014

This week

Super excited that the project I’m on a work is shipping next week!

Looking back I’m pretty impressed with what we’ve achieved so far. We’ve used open source tech well but we’re still only a small team. Over the coming weeks we’ll be shipping an app on both iOS and Android that hooks up to our existing backend systems - then the real work starts!

We were lucky enough to not be vulnerable to heartbleed but I’ve really enjoyed digging into the bug. There’s a great rundown of the specifics here.

I’ve always worked in memory managed languages, but my current C studying has just hit memory management. I was pleased to be able to keep up!


I’ve finally picked up SICP. Not too far in yet but it’s great to be digging deeper into compsci.

On my commute I’m still working through the ”Learn C the Hard Way” which has been a lot of fun. I have to confess that I’ve started copy/pasting the code but that is meaning I have more time for the ‘Extra Credit’ exercises.

My son is obsessed with Minecraft so I’ve also picked up the pragprog’s book on creating plugins for the game. It’s giving me a light introduction to Java and has been good to pair with a 5 year old.


Related to the Minecraft obsession, I’ve found the “Volume Alpha” by C418 really good for coding.