Dev Diary - 17th April 2014

This week

We’re now in the ‘Waiting for Review’ stage of every iOS release so most of the time has been spent tidying up, spiking new features and bug fixing in prep for our Android release.

Listening to smart people

A few weeks ago I had a debate about our evolving API with my good friend & college Tim. He was pushing for a more ‘hypermedia-style’ while I was more keen on ‘keeping things simple’. I’ve always kept and ear to the ground on hypermedia but it felt too up in the air still.

My mind has been changed after listening to the ”Hypermedia APIs” epsiode of Javacript Jabber where Steve Klabnik goes in depth on the philosophy behind hypermedia and talks about With a specification building around it - and the benefits of convention and a richer data set - I really feel like it’s something we can get behind. I’m really glad we versioned our APIs sensibly!

I’m also resolved to dig deeper before dismissing an idea. A throw away comment from Steve hit it home for me: “I was like, ‘That person’s smart. But they said something that sounds stupid. I should maybe think about why I feel that’s true and maybe go look into what their argument is.’”.


The past few Javascript Jabber episodes have really stood out for me. Raquel Vélez talking about robotics and Javascript was fantastic and really inspiring to get out and play with something other than pure code.

The Incomparable have rebooted their podcast Teevee. At there moment they’re talking about Game of Thrones.