Dev Diary - 2nd May 2014

A little slow this week while we debate largely non-technical issues with Apple. Doubling-down on Android is the order of the week.

On a more positive front we had a very successful deploy of a huge improvement to the most important part of our service. It was a multi-app deploy and has so far gone off without a hitch. This is how it should be of course but you can never be 100% until it’s in the wild. As well as Randy’s awesome code we also did quite a bit of manual testing and a detailed code review.


Megan Fox discussed game dev on this week’s Ruby Rouges which was low on Ruby but and interesting insight into an industry so different to the web dev I’m used to.

I literally cried listening to Sara Seager on Story collider. The episode is funny, tragic but also beautifully inspiring - impressive for only 16 minutes.