Dev Diary - 16th May 2014


This week was mostly about analytics. I worked on updating and adding UserId features to Dan Wilson’s Cordova Google Analytics plugin.

Overall I’m pleased with the result but the workflow of Cordova plugins is not straight forward, especially as there is no standard way to build a test suite. This meant manual testing all the way, reloading plugins in my actual app for each platform in order to test.

I’d like to hear about testing Cordova plugins - even at a unit level as it would make the process much slicker. I’ve had a few ideas so I may investigate myself at some point.

Language Overload

I’ve enjoyed the variation in programming languages I’ve had this week. Combining work on our app, the plugin work and personal study I’ve written a fair amount of C, C#, Objective-C, Java, Javascript & Ruby.

Back to Rails

I’ve been away from regular Rails dev for quite a while so it was nice to get back by doing some upgrade work on a CMS app that I host for our local NCT. It was fairly painless to upgrade the app from 3.0.1 to 4.1 and along the way I got a good feel for the recent changes.


The Ruby Rouges had Julia Grace on to talk about hardware hacking.

Directional did a 2 hour long commentary of the Nintendo DS keynote from 10 years ago.