Dev Diary - 11th July 2014

Javascript Debugging Joy

I’m way late to the party on this - I just discovered the debugger command: debugger - JavaScript | MDN

You get an analysis of the current callstack and can interact with the app within the scope debugger was called.

After spending quite a bit of time in Android studio where this is a common part of debugging workflow, this is a very welcome addition to my toolset.


Speaking of Android, I’ve been working my way through the Big Nerd Ranch’s Android book in preparation for starting development of a side project I’m kicking off in the next few weeks.

Despite the positive parts of Xamerin, I’ve chosen to go native. I’m keen to learn Java and the native Android platform so it’s a much better choice for me right now.

So far I’m really enjoying Java. As Sean Cassidy points out Java might not be as bad as many would have you think.

Old Code

I was amused and slight embarrassed to come across some old open source code of mine from 2002: PHP MySQL Search Class.

My lack of competence with SQL shines through as I pull down the entire table of data and do the filtering in PHP.


Philip Roberts’s talk on the Javascript runtime is required viewing for anyone working with Javascript.